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Disability Legislation

Disability legislation doesn’t normally affect mainstream automotive design and production. It does however, critically affect public transport design in the UK and to a lesser extent public transport design in the EU, US and other developed countries. Despite this, if a private vehicle is intended for use by people with disabilities, there is a wide range of guidance that will help establish the ergonomic and functional requirements for the design.

Currently, there is no legislature in the World that has yet sanctioned the use of self-guided vehicles for road use. This means that in order for someone with a disability to drive a vehicle, they must still be in direct control, even though this may be via non-conventional means. A good example is the modification of gear, handbrake and pedal controls that places them close to the steering wheel allowing a wheelchair user with upper body mobility full control of a vehicle.

Within the UK, guidance for disability design is supplied by DiPTAC (Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee).

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