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EC Directives Applying to Motor Vehicles

Reference Title
70/156/EEC Type-approval of motor vehicles and their trailers
70/157/EEC Permissible sound level and the exhaust system of motor vehicles
70/220/EEC Measures to be taken against air pollution by emissions from motor vehicles
70/221/EEC Liquid fuel tanks and rear protective devices for motor vehicles and their trailers
70/222/EEC Space for mounting and the fixing of rear registration plates on motor vehicles and their trailers
70/311/EEC Steering equipment for motor vehicles and their trailers
70/387/EEC Doors of motor vehicles and their trailers
70/388/EEC Audible warning devices for motor vehicles
71/127/EEC Rear-view mirrors of motor vehicles
71/320/EEC Braking devices of certain categories of motor vehicles and their trailers
72/245/EEC Radio interference (electromagnetic compatibility) of vehicles
72/306/EEC Measures to be taken against the emission of pollutants from diesel engines for use in vehicles
73/350/EEC Adaptation of Directive 70/157/EEC
74/60/EEC Interior fittings of motor vehicles (interior parts of the passenger compartment other than the interior rear-view mirrors, layout of controls, the roof or sliding roof, the backrest and rear part of seats)
74/61/EEC Devices to prevent the unauthorized use of motor vehicles
74/132/EEC Adaptation of Directive 71/320/EEC
74/290/EEC Adaptation of Directive 70/220/EEC
74/297/EEC Interior fittings of motor vehicles (the behaviour of the steering mechanism in the event of an impact)
74/408/EEC Seats, anchorages and head restraints of motor vehicles
74/483/EEC External projections of motor vehicles
75/443/EEC Reverse and speedometer of motor vehicles
75/524/EEC Adaptation of Directive 71/320/EEC
76/114/EEC Statutory plates and inscriptions for motor vehicles and their trailers, and their location and method of attachment
76/115/EEC Anchorages for motor vehicle safety belts
76/756/EEC Installation of lighting and light-signalling devices on motor vehicles and their trailers
76/757/EEC Reflex reflectors for motor vehicles and their trailers
76/758/EEC End-outline marker lamps, front position (side) lamps, rear position (side) lamps, stop lamps, daytime running lamps and side marker lamps for motor vehicles and their trailers
76/759/EEC Direction indicator lamps for motor vehicles and their trailers
76/760/EEC Rear registration plate lamps for motor vehicles and their trailers
76/761/EEC Motor vehicle headlamps which function as main-beam and/or dipped-beam headlamps and incandescent electric filament lamps for such headlamps
76/762/EEC Front fog lamps for motor vehicles and filament lamps for such lamps
77/102/EEC Adaptation of Directive 70/220/EEC
77/212/EEC Amendment of Directive 70/157/EEC
77/389/EEC Motor vehicle towing devices
77/538/EEC Rear fog lamps for motor vehicles and their trailers
77/539/EEC Reversing lamps for motor vehicles and their trailers
77/540/EEC Parking lamps for motor vehicles
77/541/EEC Safety belts and restraint systems of motor vehicles
77/649/EEC Field of vision of motor vehicle drivers
78/315/EEC Amendment of Directive 70/156/EEC
78/316/EEC Interior fittings of motor vehicles (identification of controls, tell-tales and indicators)
78/317/EEC Defrosting and demisting systems of glazed surfaces of motor vehicles
78/318/EEC Wiper and washer systems of motor vehicles
78/507/EEC Adaptation of Directive 76/114/EEC
78/547/EEC Amendment of Directive 70/156/EEC
78/548/EEC Heating systems for the passenger compartment of motor vehicles
78/549/EEC Wheel guards of motor vehicles
78/632/EEC Adaptation of Directive 74/60/EEC
78/665/EEC Adaptation of Directive 70/220/EEC
78/932/EEC Head restraints of seats of motor vehicles
79/488/EEC Adaptation of Directive 74/483/EEC
79/489/EEC Adaptation of Directive 71/320/EEC
79/490/EEC Adaptation of Directive 70/221/EEC
79/795/EEC Adaptation of Directive 71/127/EEC
80/233/EEC Adaptation of Directive 76/756/EEC
80/1267/EEC Amendment of Directive 70/156/EEC
80/1268/EEC Fuel consumption of motor vehicles
80/1269/EEC Engine power of motor vehicles
81/333/EEC Adaptation of Directive 70/221/EEC
81/334/EEC Adaptation of Directive 70/157/EEC
81/575/EEC Amendment of Directive 76/115/EEC
81/576/EEC Amendment of Directive 77/541/EEC
81/577/EEC Amendment of Directive 74/408/EEC
81/643/EEC Adaptation of Directive 77/649/EEC
82/244/EEC Adaptation of Directive 76/756/EEC
82/318/EEC Adaptation of Directive 76/115/EEC
82/319/EEC Adaptation of Directive 77/541/EEC
83/276/EEC Amendment of Directive 76/756/EEC
83/351/EEC Amendment of Directive 70/220/EEC
84/8/EEC Adaptation of Directive 76/756/EEC
84/372/EEC Adaptation of Directive 70/157/EEC
84/424/EEC Amendment of Directive 70/157/EEC
85/205/EEC Adaptation of Directive 71/127/EEC
85/647/EEC Adaptation of Directive 71/320/EEC
86/562/EEC Adaptation of Directive 71/127/EEC
87/358/EEC Amendment of Directive 70/156/EEC
87/403/EEC Amendment of Directive 70/156/EEC
88/76/EEC Amendment of Directive 70/220/EEC
88/77/EEC Measures to be taken against the emission of gaseous and particulate pollutants from compression-ignition engines for use in vehicles, and the emission of gaseous pollutants from positive-ignition engines fuelled with natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas for use in vehicles
88/194/EEC Adaptation of Directive 71/320/EEC
88/195/EEC Adaptation of Directive 80/1269/EEC
88/321/EEC Adaptation of Directive 71/127/EEC
88/366/EEC Adaptation of Directive 77/649/EEC
88/436/EEC Amendment of Directive 70/220/EEC
89/277/EEC Adaptation of Directive 76/759/EEC
89/278/EEC Adaptation of Directive 76/756/EEC
89/297/EEC Lateral protection (side guards) of certain motor vehicles and their trailers
89/458/EEC Amendment of Directive 70/220/EEC
89/491/EEC Adaptation of Directives 70/157/EEC, 70/220/EEC, 72/245/EEC, 72/306/EEC, 80/1268/EEC and 80/1269/EEC
89/516/EEC Adaptation of Directive 76/758/EEC
89/517/EEC Adaptation of Directive 76/761/EEC
89/518/EEC Adaptation of Directive 77/538/EEC
90/628/EEC Adaptation of Directive 77/541/EEC
90/629/EEC Adaptation of Directive 76/115/EEC
90/630/EEC Adaptation of Directive 77/649/EEC
91/226/EEC Spray-suppression systems of certain categories of motor vehicles and their trailers
91/422/EEC Adaptation of Directive 71/320/EEC
91/441/EEC Amendment of Directive 70/220/EEC
91/542/EEC Amendment of Directive 88/77/EEC
91/662/EEC Adaptation of Directive 74/297/EEC
91/663/EEC Adaptation of Directive 76/756/EEC
92/21/EEC Masses and dimensions of motor vehicles of category M1
92/22/EEC Safety glazing and glazing materials on motor vehicles and their trailers
92/23/EEC Tyres for motor vehicles and their trailers and their fitting
92/24/EEC Speed limitation devices or similar speed limitation on-board systems of certain categories of motor vehicles
92/53/EEC Amendment of Directive 70/156/EEC
92/62/EEC Adaptation of Directive 70/311/EEC
92/97/EEC Amendment of Directive 70/157/EEC
92/114/EEC External projections forward of the cab’s rear panel of motor vehicles of category N
93/59/EEC Amendment of Directive 70/220/EEC
93/81/EEC Adaptation of Directive 70/156/EEC
93/91/EEC Adaptation of Directive 78/316/EEC
93/116/EC Adaptation of Directive 80/1268/EEC
94/12/EC Amendment of Directive 70/220/EEC
94/20/EC Mechanical coupling devices of motor vehicles and their trailers and their attachment to those vehicles
94/53/CE Amendment of Directive 93/91/EEC
94/68/EC Adaptation of Directive 78/318/EEC
94/78/EC Adaptation of Directive 78/549/EEC
95/28/EC Burning behaviour of materials used in interior construction of certain categories of motor vehicles
95/48/EC Adaptation of Directive 92/21/EEC
95/54/EC Adaptation of Directive 72/245/EEC and amendment of Directive 70/156/EEC
95/56/EC Adaptation of Directive 74/61/EEC
96/1/EC Amendment of Directive 88/77/EEC
96/20/EC Adaptation of Directive 70/157/EEC
96/27/EC Protection of occupants of motor vehicles in the event of a side impact and amendment of Directive 70/156/EEC
96/36/EC Adaptation of Directive 77/541/EEC
96/37/EC Adaptation of Directive 74/408/EEC
96/38/EC Adaptation of Directive 76/115/EEC
96/44/EC Adaptation of Directive 70/220/EEC
96/64/EC Adaptation of Directive 77/389/EEC
96/69/CE Amendment of Directive 70/220/EEC
96/79/EC Protection of occupants of motor vehicles in the event of a frontal impact and amendment of Directive 70/156/EEC
97/19/EC Adaptation of Directive 70/221/EEC
97/20/EC Adaptation of Directive 72/306/EEC
97/21/EC Adaptation of Directive 80/1269/EEC
97/27/EC Masses and dimensions of certain categories of motor vehicles and their trailers and amendment of Directive 70/156/EEC
97/28/EC Adaptation of Directive 76/756/EEC
97/29/EC Adaptation of Directive 76/757/EEC
97/30/EC Adaptation of Directive 76/758/EEC
97/31/EC Adaptation of Directive 76/760/EEC
97/32/EC Adaptation of Directive 77/539/EEC
97/39/EC Adaptation of Directive 75/443/EEC
98/12/EC Adaptation of Directive 71/320/EEC
98/14/EC Adaptation of Directive 70/156/EEC
98/69/EC Amendment of Directive 70/220/EEC
98/77/EC Adaptation of Directive 70/220/EEC
98/90/EC Adaptation of Directive 70/387/EEC
98/91/EC Motor vehicles and their trailers intended for the transport of dangerous goods by road and amending Directive 70/156/EEC
1999/7/EC Adaptation of Directive 70/311/EEC
1999/14/EC Adaptation of Directive 77/538/EEC
1999/15/EC Adaptation of Directive 76/759/EEC
1999/16/EC Adaptation of Directive 77/540/EEC
1999/17/EC Adaptation of Directive 76/761/EEC
1999/18/EC Adaptation of Directive 76/762/EEC
1999/96/EC Amendment of Directive 88/77/EEC
1999/98/EC Adaptation of Directive 96/79/EC
1999/99/EC Adaptation of Directive 80/1269/EEC
1999/100/EC Adaptation of Directive 80/1268/EEC
1999/101/EC Adaptation of Directive 70/157/EEC
1999/102/EC Adaptation of Directive 70/220/EEC
2000/3/EC Adaptation of Directive 77/541/EEC
2000/4/EC Amendment of Directive 74/60/EEC
2000/8/EC Amendment of Directive 70/221/EEC
2000/40/EC The approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to the front underrun protection of motor vehicles and amending Council Directive 70/156/EEC
2001/1/EC Amendment of Directive 70/220/EEC
2001/27/EC Adaptation of Directive 88/77/EEC
2001/31/EC Adaptation of Directive 70/387/EEC
2001/43/EC Adaptation of Directive 92/23/EEC
2001/56/EC Heating systems for motor vehicles and their trailers, amending Council Directive 70/156/EEC and repealing Council Directive 78/548/EEC
2001/85/EC Special provisions for vehicles used for the carriage of passengers comprising more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat, and adaptation of Directive 70/156/EEC and 97/27/EC
2001/92/EC Adaptation of Directive 92/22/EEC and 70/156/EEC
2001/100/EC Amendment of Directive 70/220/EEC
2001/116/EC Adaptation of Directive 70/156/EEC
2002/78/EC Adaptation of Directive 71/320/EEC
2002/80/EC Adaptation of Directive 70/220/EEC
2003/19/EC Amendment of Directive 97/27/EEC
2003/76/EC Amendment of Directive 70/220/EEC
2003/97/EC Type-approval of devices for indirect vision and of vehicles equipped with these devices, amending Directive 70/156/EEC and repealing Directive 71/127/EEC
2003/102/EC Protection of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users before and in the event of a collision with a motor vehicle and amending Directive 70/156/EEC
2004/3/EC Amendment of Directives 70/156/EEC and 80/1268/EEC
2004/11/EC Amendment of Directive 92/24/EEC

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