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ICEM Surf is an industry standard in automotive A-Class surfacing. In the final stages of a vehicle design, ICEM Surf is used to clarify and fully resolve vehicle surfaces before beginning tool and die fabrication. Designers can use ICEM Surf to create extremely accurate computer visualisations, through static and dynamic renderings as well as 3D virtual reality views using stereo mode.

In order to facilitate end-stage design evaluation and development, ICEM Surf can process data from digitised physical models which can in turn be modified, corrected, balanced and otherwise resolved as required.

Key Features

  • It is possible to create and modify aesthetic free-form surfaces directly and in real-time

  • ‘Virtual clay modelling’ can be performed by direct modelling and diagnosis of point clouds or facet data without prior surface generation

  • Direct surface modelling is possible through stereo, shaded display and real-time renderer modes

  • Safety analyses (Head Impact Diagnoses) allow for early detection and resolution of possible safety issues

  • ICEM Surf is used for Class A surfaces for automotive exterior and interior design as well as consumer goods, structural surfaces (Body-in-White) and free form surfaces in tool and die design.

  • Digitised physical model or CAD data can be used to create free-form surfaces with automated smoothing and approximation

  • Surface models can be quickly developed from ordered or unordered (point clouds) digitised data
  • Fully feasible, high-quality aesthetic designs can be developed quickly

  • With the ‘Global Modelling’ feature, whole detailed models can be modified in total, interactively and dynamically

  • The rendering process is independent; rendering can be computed in the background or remotely whilst work continues

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