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CAD – ICEM Style

Style is ICEM’s designer-orientated vehicle creation programme. Style builds on ICEM’s existing expertise in the field of advanced CAD surfacing and provides the user with a more direct transition from the design stages through to advanced surface preparation and ultimately tooling.

Key to the appeal of ICEM Style is the programme’s abilities for real-time visualisation. "No longer are third-party, stand-alone visualisation products required to visualise the complete design, nor a time-consuming wait for a static rendering to be generated".

The nature of ICEM Style’s interoperability with the down-stream ICEM Surf means that input from designers can be taken from tablet sketches, through preparatory stages and full scale models ready in anticipation of final A-Class surfacing. This simplifies the flow of work, eliminating certain transition stages which in turn saves time and translation discrepencies. ICEM Surf can then be used earlier to resolve a design and finalise production quality surfaces.

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