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Alias SurfaceStudio™ is a technical surfacing product designed for the development of Class-A surfaces. It offers advanced modeling and reverse engineering tools, real-time diagnostics and scan data processing technology. SurfaceStudio is comprised of a complete suite of tools for creating surface models to meet the high levels of quality, accuracy and precision required in automotive styling.

Key Features

  • Cloud data processing
  • Direct, Patch-based modelling
  • Procedural, curve based modelling
  • Real-time diagnostic feedback
  • Dynamic surface evaluation
  • CAD integration

In Brief

User Interaction

A user interface that enables creativity and efficiency


A complete set of tools for 2D design work tightly integrated into a 3D modelling environment

Modelling (Modeling)

Industry-leading, NURBS-based surface modeller.

Advanced Automotive Surfacing Tools

Surface creation tools that maintain positional, tangent or curvature continuity between surfaces – for high quality, manufacturable results.

Reverse Engineering

Tools for importing and configuring cloud data sets from scanners for visualising, as well as extracting feature lines and building surfaces based on cloud data.

Evaluation Tools

Tools to analyse and evaluate the styling and physical properties of curves and surfaces interactively, while creating and editing geometry.

Data Integration

Support for industry-standard data formats and a wide range of peripheral devices.

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