renault kwid design process in images

Renault Kwid – Design Process in Images

The Kwid is Renault’s new product in the Indian and developing economy markets. Designed specifically for those markets in mind, but retaining all the visual characteristics of a small, modern Renault, the Kwid aims to be both practical and aspirational. It’s exterior appears to have been led from the principle design team in France whilst the interior is the product of the Renault Design Centre in Mumbai, India.


“At first glance, the KWID blends an emotional design with the need for

reassurance expressed by customers. Its SUV lines mirror its tough, robust

character and underpin its distinctive, modern look.“

Laurens van den Acker – Senior Vice President, Corporate Design



“The KWID is an entirely new car which offers a lot of surprises both inside

and out, including features from the next segment up.”

David Durand – Head of KWID Styling

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