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Callum & McGovern Chat About Design & Britishness

A fairly interesting, though brief, discussion between both design chiefs at Tata-owned Land Rover Jaguar.

Britishness is something that, aesthetically, should be restrained – it can never be vulgar. It’s reassuring, elegant and tasteful.”

Jaguar’s Director of Design Ian Callum provided this insight during a unique interview with his Land Rover counterpart, Chief Design Officer Gerry McGovern, about the importance of British creativity and design. The two were interviewed together for the first time at the Royal College of Art (RCA), where they both studied.

In this film, both designers share their views on the importance of Britishness, explaining how this philosophy influences the shape and form of every Jaguar and Land Rover, and how important this design direction is to them and their customers.

Gerry McGovern said: “I don’t think you deliberately sit there and try and design Britishness. I think it comes intuitively. The Royal College of Art is a platform for creativity, but you learn so much more when you come out that you have to become a multitude of different disciplines in order to get your designs through.” 

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