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One of the most significant issues affecting motor vehicle production is a vehicle’s ability to meet existing and future legislation. International vehicles such as the Ford Mondeo and Transit or the VW Passat will be designed to meet virtually all global laws whereas more regional vehicles, such as those for India or Russia, will often be designed to much lower legal specifications.

In this section we look at some of the key legislation affecting the majority of vehicles on our roads. We will also look more specifically at how the requirements in EU and US law vary.

Basic Considerations

Common principles in legislation, the basics that have to be considered first.

European Legislation

This section looks at those pieces of automotive legislation specific to the European Union. This is especially significant with respect to emmisions and recycling.

US Legislation

Looking at laws specifically for the US, it is also relevant for other countries in the Americas.

Disability Legislation

Something that has yet to take affect on the wider automotive industry, there are many considerations for vehicle design when considering users with disablities.

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