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Car Design Definitions

What’s the Difference?

Car, automotive and transport design are virtually the same thing, with only slight differences existing between them. Automotive design usually, but not exclusively, refers to cars or automobiles but can incorporate any type of self-propelled vehicle (hence auto-motive). ‘Car design’ is self explanatory whilst ‘transport design’ tends to refer to a more general field incorporating types of vehicles – such as trucks or rolling stock (trains) – where perhaps more functional design is required

Designer or Stylist?

To some, there is very little difference between the terms ‘designer’ and ‘stylist’; to others though, the difference is enormous. Traditionally, a stylist is someone who is concerned solely with the visual appearance of a vehicle – how good it looks. Rarely though, do people nowadays have the opportunity to shy away from the genuine concerns about function and purpose that lie behind every aspect of a vehicle. To style an object or vehicle is one thing but you’ll only get points for something that can be used. Physical interfaces, such as handles and switches, are a great example of how functional items must tread the fine line between aesthetics and purpose. With an ageing clientele, brands like Mercedes-Benz will ensure that even their sportiest models have door handles that can be used by people with limited dexterity.

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